Shiley Acres is an outdoor concert venue located in Inwood, West Virginia.  For over 30 years Shiley Acres has seen many local and national acts grace it's stage.  Visit this web site often to keep up to date with concerts and events at the venue. 
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  We are adding another band to our May show!  Royal Bliss is currently touring with Puddle of Mudd and will be here in May.​ This band is up and coming and Awesome!

​​​​​​​​Tickets are on sale now at all of our ticket locations.  There is one difference. These are not the commemorative tickets.  You can buy those tickets at the gate for an additional $2.00.  But please get your regular ticket at our locations, and then just pay an additional $2.00 for the commemorative ticket at the gate. And, as always, you can get either ticket on-line.

​​Tickets are $25.00 in advance, with a $2.00 charge, and will be $35.00 at the gate, the day of the show.  Stay tuned for more info.